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Cybernet Design and Manufacturing Capablities


Our multi-disciplinary product development capability enables us to generate product prototypes and concepts that cohesively integrate function and form.  Please see our specialized capabilities below:


Cybernet uses in-house rapid prototyping capabilities to evaluate a part's form, fit and function during the development process.  We can also assist your development process by creating plastic parts from your 3D CAD models in our machine.


We identify and emulate the user to develop the requirements and project criteria.  Working with engineering staff, we rationalize function, human factors and aesthetics into a cohesive solution to the problem.

  • Design Research
  • AHP Criteria Definition
  • Human Factors Assessment
  • Form and Aesthetic Development
  • 3DCAD Surface Modeling (CDRS)
  • Product Identity


From the project's genesis, our product engineers work to resolve the physical function, fit, and form of the product.  As part of a multidisciplinary product development team, they integrate manufacturability and technical functionality into the product design.  Our multidisciplinary product engineering team includes:

Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Optical Engineering
Software Engineering

  • 3D CAD modeling and rendering
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturability)
  • DFA (Design for Assembly )
  • Dynamic Modeling
  • Electro-mechanical systems integration
  • Low Volume Production Design
  • Injection Molded Part Design


For small quantity production orders Cybernet Systems Corporation has teamed with Jerry Fain Models, Inc.  JFMI utilizes the latest in laser coordinate measurement equipment to accurately and economically produce low rate production runs.  JFMI has over 20,000 square feet of usable manufacturing floor space.  JFMI is a Military Specification certified production facility.


For large quantity production orders, Cybernet System Corporation has teamed with Sparton Electronics, providers of full service Electronics Manufacturing Services.  Sparton’s capabilities range from printed circuit board production to complete turnkey product design, box building capabilities, and alternate services.  Sparton has six manufacturing and design centers located throughout the United States and Canada along with seven alliance partner facilities.  Sparton has over 870,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space.  Sparton is an ISO 9002 Certified and Military Specification certified production facility.

For more information about our R&D Services, please contact us.

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