Patents and Awards


Cybernet Systems Corporation advances state-of-the-art technologies in human-machine interaction with the goal of improving the quality and safety of life through innovation in health care, security and defense. Cybernet puts emphasis on commercially viable innovations — original solutions that solve pressing problems.

Cybernet has developed 20+ original devices and systems that are currently in use across a spectrum of commercial and defense clients, with 200+ completed contracts and 37 awarded patents — with more pending.

To view a complete list of Cybernet’s awarded patents and/or pending patents, visit here; or, visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site and search the patent database for Cybernet AND Systems.

In addition to many patents, Cybernet Systems has won a multitude of accolades for our work in human computer interaction and innovation, including:

Cybernet’s commercial successes run the gamut of developing the first force feedback products in 1994 to the first nationwide distribution of MedStar — a scalable Web-based outpatient care solution — through MedStar in 2006. Other commercial successes include: