MedStar™ System Telemonitoring Equipment Testimonials:

“We believe that Cybernet's technology represents the ‘caring edge’ best of breed in home-based monitoring tools. Current national studies show that patients provided with some form of home-based monitoring are hospitalized less, and when they are hospitalized are able to be discharged earlier than unmonitored patients. Not only does the Cybernet system offer appropriate monitoring connectivity using a standard phone line, but its cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use enable us to deploy the system to the most geographically and economically isolated patients who often have difficulty keeping regular check-ups with physicians."

Carl Taylor
Office of Emerging Health Technologies
University of South Alabama


“Diabetes is an epidemic disease in the rural South. We know that daily monitoring helps patients with diabetes maintain appropriate drug, diet and exercise regimens. Unfortunately, few rural patients can frequently interact with their healthcare providers. We hope to show that Cybernet’s MedStar device, when implemented into a comprehensive program, can eliminate the distance barrier by giving healthcare providers useful, daily updates on a patient’s glucose levels, blood pressure and weight. This facilitates proactive treatment action, resulting in fewer emergency responses and hospitalizations.”

Carl Taylor
Office of Emerging Health Technologies
University of South Alabama


“Frost & Sullivan recognizes Cybernet’s commitment to research and development and its efforts in developing innovative systems that bring the full potential of telemedicine to patients. To a large extent, the MedStar system is the first to overcome current constraints in the telemedicine market that include expensive equipment, lack of insurance acceptance, and complicated procedures.”

Jim Smith
Frost & Sullivan


“The rural home health agencies of INTEGRIS serve people over a large geographical area,” noted Cynthia Scheideman-Miller, director of the Oklahoma City-based INTEGRIS Rural Telemedicine Project. “Through previous work with Cybernet Medical, we’ve seen that remote vital sign monitoring can help eliminate the distance barrier and provide our nurses with more timely information. Remote monitoring has actually helped prevent unnecessary trips to the emergency room, and we’ve had patients indicate their quality of life has improved. Now, through the RUS grant, we look forward to the opportunity of extending this service to even more patients.”

Cynthia Scheideman-Miller
INTEGRIS Rural Telemedicine Project


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NetMAX Testimonials:

“Ultimately, NetMax fulfills on its promise. Within a few minutes of popping in the CDROM, a PC can become a network server capable of handling DHCP, DNS, firewalling, NAT, dialin and dialout modem support, Web serving, cache, and proxy services, VPN, e mail, and file sharing. Of course, all Linux boxes can do this the difference with NetMax is the ease of getting off the ground.”

Aaron Weiss
Aug. 27, 2003


"I use NetMAX products as part of solutions that I design for small business customers. My experience with the NetMAX Firewall and NetMAX VPN is that they are low cost products that are reliable and easy to set up. They offer a way to control what you want to filter or protect. It is my choice for protecting small business networks."

Jaime O. Maldonado, P.E.
Systems Engineer
San Juan, PR


"We needed a new firewall and this product (the Toshiba Magnia SG10 preinstalled with NetMAX Professional) was easy to install/configure and is working fine."

Roger Newman
Vice President
CableConn Industries, Inc.
San Diego, CA


(in regards to NetMAX Personal Tutor): "Firewall, Routing, VPN, Proxy, and
Machines were very helpful. I understand how it applies to my needs. This
knowledge alone was worth the $50."

Tom Cramer


"I installed NetMAX to serve as a firewall, email server and router for my office. I was able to expand my server by adding additional network cards and could then provide services for neighboring offices. I then added a couple of web sites to the system and it is still performing flawlessly. I can't say enough good things about NetMAX."

Chris McCune
CGM Technologies, LLC
Hampstead, NH


"We needed to upgrade our existing NetMAX 3.0 firewall to include a VPN capability. We were very happy with NetMAX 3.0, and so the obvious choice was NetMAX 4.02. The NetMAX 4.02 VPN Server Suite was very easy to setup and install, even for someone with no previous Linux experience. I particularly like the WebBased Administration Interface very easy to use. With little effort, we now have a secure VPN tunnel between our US and UK based offices. I would happily recommend NetMAX 4.02 VPN Server Suite to colleagues looking for a low priced, easy to set up and manage VPN solution."

Tim FosterPayne
Runcorn, Cheshire, UK
Newark, DEContact Net


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SWMA Testimonials:

"The SWMA tablet is an excellent tool for use in training, damage control and maintenance.  I am thoroughly impressed with the easy ability to "hot swap" tools on the tablet.  Our team truly enjoyed using the SWMA tablet and found it to be very easy to use.  The support we received from Cybernet was superb!  Thanks Cybernet!"

Holly Maggio
Sr. Systems Engineer II
Raytheon Company


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