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Clockwise from the lower left vehicles with Cybernet robotics kits: Hyster commercial counterbalanced forklifts (all models), U2UARV Skid Steer Gladiator Variant, U2UARV Polaris Ranger variant (also compatible to EV and Razr), Gladiator combat version, Army RTCH (ISO Carrier), Army Tactical 5K forklift. Also supported are HMWWV and commercial vehicles with physical or CAN drive interfaces.

Robotics is an area that truly reflects Cybernet’s mission to amplify human performance through technology, and one that transcends all of the company’s technology and product offerings.

A leader in developing and applying robotic technology for nearly two decades, Cybernet Systems offers unrivaled experience, expertise and innovation that can be found anywhere from your home to the battlefield.

Cybernet’s robotics work includes components of computer vision, sensor development and integration and control systems that are applied to provide solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges and identify new applications for the advancement of human-machine interaction.

  • Through military applications like the ATACS and LCAR, Cybernet robotics technology is helping to remove American service men and women from dangerous positions loading, unloading and sorting ammunition.
  • The Cybervan, an autonomous vehicle designed by Cybernet Systems engineers, was a national semifinalist in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. The competition was intended to help meet Department of Defense mandates that one third of operational ground combat vehicles be unmanned by 2015. This technology has evolved into Cybernet's multiple vehicle autonomy kit supporting the U2UARV, AMHT, and Tactical Forklift logistics programs.
  • Cybernet Systems’ force feedback technology is used in more than 100 million video game components to simulate response through controllers.
  • Cybernet experts developed the technology currently in-use by the U.S. Postal Service to read hand-written zip codes and sort all first class mail.