Archer Integration

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Archer Integration is a Richmond, Va., based IT consulting firm that provides complete integration and implementation services, including firewall installation and intrusion detection. The company focuses on the small to midsize enterprise (SME) market segment and offers a full range of technology solutions.


Although Archer Integration has the professional and technical expertise that its customers need, the company was in search of an appliance server that would perform prepackaged Internet business functions like email, web serving, file sharing, DNS/DHCP, and security functions like firewall and/or virtual private networking (VPN). The company needed a server appliance that could meet all of its remote management requirements and would be easily and quickly deployed. To meet these objectives, the solution needed to support existing infrastructure (low-cost PCs), as well as providing firewall functionality, antivirus protection, Web filtering, reporting and other functions that were directly downloadable over the Internet. In addition, the solution needed to have highly scalable processing performance and remote software upgrade capabilities, while still being easy to install and affordable enough to appeal to small businesses and entry-level customers. Besides cost, a key consideration for Archer Integration was to avoid reliance on an "off-the-shelf" design that could be subject to the limitations of component hardware.

NetMAX is a comprehensive product line that brings the power of Linux to users and system administrators of all levels. This line of Linux server products provides network services functionality in a seamlessly integrated software package. The NetMAX Linux 4.0 server products consist of the NetMAX Professional Suite, NetMAX VPN Server and the NetMAX  FireWall ProSuite. The NetMAX Professional Suite is used for file and print sharing, secure web, e-mail, FTP, certificate management, virtual hosting and user management. The NetMAX VPN Server provides stateful firewall and IPsec VPN, and user management features — everything Archer Integration needed. In addition, the software’s low cost is perfect for entry-level users, with prices starting at $309 for the Professional Suite and at $269 for the VPN Suite.