Dimensional Data Corporation (DDC)

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Dimensional Data Corporation (DDC) provides network consulting, turnkey network solutions and administrative support to small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) throughout southern Colorado. Founded in 1991, DDC specializes in designing and engineering computer networks — including local and wide area networks, certified premise wiring, customer computer assembly and corporate intranet and Internet installations. The company has extensive experience working with companies in the legal, medical, local government, finance, education, nonprofit and point-of-sale markets.

Until the mid-1990s, DDC had relied on Novell to deliver server solutions to its clients. As it began servicing more small businesses, DDC recognized that the high prices associated with Novell equipment were driving most small businesses toward peer-to-peer networking instead of dedicated server solutions.

NetMAX 5.0 Network Server Software is a Red Hat compatible Enterprise Linux Server software distribution that supports PC/Mac/Unix file sharing, ecommerce, e-mail, Web traffic, desktop applications, security, network gateways and wireless access. NetMAX simplifies network setup and reduces the cost of administration with easy-to-use browser-based configuration management. With NetMAX 5.0 customers can simplify the network, mail and storefront servers without sacrificing upgrades, features or security. NetMAX is also available preloaded on powerful server hardware offerings from HP and Toshiba that users can just plug, play and administer through a Web browser.

DDC was amazed to find that NetMAX was a simple, integrated Linux-based network server package that small businesses could easily use. Designed to provide the power and robustness found in true enterprise class server systems without any of the complexity or cost, NetMAX taps the power and low cost of Red Hat Linux and related open source applications,  wrapping them in an intelligent and flexible browser-based system. The
product is extremely easy to configure and maintain — a basic server can be set up in as little as 15 minutes

The ability to remotely administer NetMAX is a huge advantage for IT consultants. Not only does it dramatically cut down on site visits, but it also enables companies like DDC to reduce the required number of support staff while increasing support revenues.