NetMAX Firewall

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The Cobb County Community Services Board and the Douglas County Community Services Board (Cobb and Douglas CSB) in Atlanta, Ga., provide mental health, developmental disability and substance abuse services. After the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), both CSBs were subject to stricter guidelines for electronic transmissions and patient record access, in addition to stricter control requirements for any organization maintaining sensitive patient health data. Cobb and Douglas CSB responded by installing CADIS, which provides integrated security for online medical records and is deployed via Citrix. However, the organizations were still in need of a secure firewall for its outward-facing servers to complement Citrix’s built-in security.

After purchasing a firewall appliance at the cost of $4,000 a month, the system suffered from severe overheating problems and caused regular crashes. Seeking a better solution, the organizations found NetMAX Firewall, the only Linux-based firewall software on the market at the time, at the low cost of $79.

NetMAX software includes proven applications such as the popular Apache Web server, Sendmail e-mail server and the full power of a Linux operating system based on the distribution of Red Hat Linux. It simplifies the setup of a fully functioning Web, e-mail and FTP server that is platform agnostic, allowing for shared files and printers between Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Unix clients. In addition to its ability to monitor Web and e-mail server access, track network Web browsing and block unwanted e-mail, NetMAX Professional enables users to host multiple domains on a single IP address — an important feature for small business owners and other consumers wanting to host more than one website, while keeping their costs as low as possible.

Cobb and Douglas CSB have since upgraded the original NetMAX Firewall to the NetMAX Firewall ProSuite. Both organizations remain HIPAA compliant, serving thousands of patients securely each year thanks to NetMAX.