NetMAX Professional 3.0

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In 1987, musician Tom Cramer decided to leave music and become a partner in his brother’s job fair company. In 1993, Cramer began talking with a computer-savvy friend about ways he could apply his recently acquired computer skills and expertise in helping small businesses via the Internet. Cramer left the job fair business in 1998 and launched TECnet, an Internet maintenance service business. He targeted small business owners who didn’t understand the Internet or how to create a website.

In the beginning, Cramer used an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for collocation of his server, until costs became too high. He then started to look for ways to manage his own servers. What’s more, because he suffers from a reading disability, Cramer needed a server that didn’t require a lot of complicated pre-configuration reading. Then he found NetMAX Professional 3.0.

Cybernet’s NetMAX Professional 3.0 is a Linux-based, thin server/Internet appliance in a box, designed to drastically simplify Linux server configuration and management while delivering the full power of Red Hat OS.  In addition, NetMAX Professional 3.0 is so easy to use, that even an unsophisticated user can set up a NetMAX server in as little as 15 minutes.

NetMAX uses custom configuration code, tight component integration and an advanced graphical HTML interface to simplify Linux installation and management.

Cramer went from paying $300 a month for his collocation server with only 20 IP addresses, in addition to $1 per address per month, to an easily run and managed NetMAX Professional server, at a fraction of the cost.