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A Remote Patient Monitoring Company (RPMco) in Atlanta was established to create a disease management process for congestive heart failure (CHF) that improved clinical outcomes for patients and improved financial outcomes for the payer. The company was in need of technological tools that would enable CHF patients to be more closely monitored with an efficient clinical information management system, and partnered with a variety of companies to do so, including Cybernet Systems.

Cybernet’s MedStar data transmissions device acquires data from connected measurement devises and transfers that data to a collection server, where it is retrieved by the RPMco’s patient management system.

To date, RPMco has private labeled more than 100 MedStar units and has used them with Class III and Class IV CHF patients in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Michigan. More than 120 physicians now work with RPMco’s clinical staff. Further, this patient population has seen hospitalization reduced by 82 percent since May 2000, where most had been hospitalized two or more times in the 12 months prior to the program — translating into cost savings to payers of more than $10,000 per patient.