Steve Greenstein

Following a proposal for an expensive customer upgrade for Microsoft’s Exchange Server, Seattle area IT consultant Steve Greenstein was asked by his customer if there was a cheaper solution. Greenstein needed an inexpensive, yet robust and easy-to-use system offering file and print sharing, e-mail and Web services, and network security. He installed Red Hat Linux in his home as a test case, but the system was cumbersome to install and configure, and didn’t play well in the mixed Windows/Macintosh/UNIX environment.

Greenstein then purchased the NetMAX Firewall Suite. Installation was simple. NetMAX software, including NetMAX Professional, NetMAX VPN Suite and NetMAX Firewall, includes proven applications such as the popular Apache Web server and Sendmail e-mail server, and the full power of a Linux operating system based on the distribution of Red Hat Linux. It simplifies the setup of a fully functioning web, e-mail and FTP server that is platform agnostic, allowing for shared files and printers between Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Unix clients. In addition to its abilities to monitor web and e-mail server access, track network Web browsing and block unwanted e-mail, NetMAX Professional enables users to host multiple domains on a single IP address — an important feature for small business owners and other consumers wanting to host more than one Web site while keeping their costs as low as possible.