Cybernet Systems presents driver assisted and fully automated forklift and ISO container material handling to the Army at Ft. Eustis


Ann Arbor, Michigan - Cybernet Systems Corporation, a leading defense, robotics, engineering, cyber security and simulation systems development company, is pleased to be selected by the US Army to test and demonstrate its assistive and robotic driving capabilities and products at the US Army Limited Objective Experiment (LOE) at Ft. Eustis from June 9-13, 2014.  The experiment and lead-up training activities occurring in late May and early June support the Army’s goal of increasing the productivity of logistical material handling support activities.

Army personnel have been training with and providing evaluation information on advanced driver assistance systems developed by Cybernet and the US Army ARDEC (for CASCOM). These systems are built as appliqué kits to the Rough Terrain Container Handler (RTCH) and the 5K Light Capability Rough Terrain Forklift (LCRTF).  These systems and the Automated Material Handling Technology (AMHT) fully automated forklift for safe ammunition material handling are being demonstrated as part of LOE activities to key Army decision makers.

The AMHT is based on a standard Hyster forklift fitted with Superior Engineering Turret Master rotate fork assembly and Cybernet’s AMHT autonomous robotic control kit (also used for driver assisting systems and other driverless robotic vehicles).  The AHMT technology based driver assistance kit applied to the RTCH and the LCRTF provides the operator with full 360 degree visibility with automated obstacle detection and cueing and assistive guidance to substantially improve operator productivity acquiring pallets and containers and moving them safely from place to place.


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