Positioning for the Future and the Growth of the Corporation, Today Cybernet Systems Announces the Promotion of Glenn Beach to President, Charles Cohen to Chief Technology Officer, and Norma Heller to Chief Financial Officer.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan - Cybernet Systems Corporation is a leading defense, engineering, and research and development company, and today announced the promotion of several key personnel.  Cybernet, with its unique market approach and extensive research and development legacy, combined with its current inroads in the leading Cyber, Autonomous and Vision technologies, makes this announcement knowing that the following individuals will achieve the direction and growth the corporation requires.

The promotion of Mr. Glenn Beach, PMP, to President sets the right tone and positions the knowledge and strength required in this vital position.   Mr. Beach has been responsible for the development and growth of Cybernet's major programs, including the Automated Tactical Ammunition Classification System (ATACS), and the Automated Material Handling Technology program which is focused on developing autonomous, unmanned forklifts and other material handling equipment to operate in unstructured complex environments for the military and commercial arenas. "As President, Mr. Beach reinforces Cybernet's focus on development of deployable technology that will benefit both the Department of Defense and commercial industry," said Chuck Jacobus, now CEO of Cybernet Systems. "Mr. Beach has years of experience in program development and management, and his team is committed to building meaningful products and services in the area of logistics automation."

Moving Dr.Charles J. Cohen, Ph.D., PMP, into the role that he has mentored for years is one that is key to the proper corporate technology focus.  Dr. Cohen, who already has been responsible for all of Cybernet's research and development efforts, including human-computer interaction, robotics, and artificial intelligence will continue to look to the technology strategic needs of corporation. "Dr. Cohen has been essential in ensuring that all of our R&D efforts are focused on supporting our program and product efforts," said Glenn Beach. "He brings years of experience in running successful R&D projects and business development to this position.  He will now be the backbone of our technology focus as we move forward."

The selection and promotion of Ms. Norma Heller, CPA to the position of corporate Chief Financial Officer (CFO) brings the third critical leg of the stool into place for the corporation.  With her day to day management of the fiscal, contractual and internal (administrative) structures of the corporation and her steady hand at providing the government and commercial practices guidance to the corporation it must have for its success, Cybernet’s growth is assured.  "Whether it is analyzing the financials, creating the budgets, and managing the taxes and audits of the company, Ms. Heller not only ensures that Cybernet is compliant to all regulations and practices, but also provides expert advice to help guide our business opportunities to successful ends," said Chuck Jacobus.

Look to us in the future and for more information on the services and products available from Cybernet Systems, please visit www.cybernet.com.