Cybernet Systems Showcases Surveillance and Intent Recognition Software at the 2008 Patriot Exercises

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Ann Arbor, Michigan - Cybernet Systems, an Ann Arbor-based research and development firm focused on advancing the state of human-machine interaction, today announced that they are attending the Patriot exercises at Fort McCoy in Tomah, Wisconsin, July 16-22, 2008.

Specifically, Cybernet will be collecting video data of soldiers practicing the placement, detection, and response to Improvised Explosive Devices. This data will be used to enhance, test, and validate their system for recognizing individual and crowd behaviors and intent, which is being specifically focused on the detection of IED placement. The Army Research Lab, under a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) contract, is currently funding this task.

Cybernet has experience stretching over 25 years in the field of computer vision, as well as vision recognition systems in-use for both commercial and military applications that recognize and respond appropriately to human hand and body motions. These systems include one used by commercial television stations for recognizing the hand signals of weathermen and manipulating weather maps during the broadcast as determined by the recognized hand motion, and another in use by the U.S. Army in Kuwait to identify, classify, and sort various small arms ammunition (5.56, 7.76, 45 cal, and 50 cal.) passing by at 12,500 rounds per hour by shape and color, while distinguishing damaged rounds by recognizing case distortions. Cybernet has also completed a project with the U.S. Navy that demonstrates military vehicle classification at extreme ranges.


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