Medical and Healthcare Technologies

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Cybernet Systems Corporation is an American research and development company that engineers world-leading technological solutions to critical challenges in the medical industry, particularly in the area of telemedical systems. With the underlying goal of amplifying human performance through the advanced application of technology, Cybernet is a solutions company committed to improving the quality and safety of life through cutting-edge innovation.

Cybernet Medical ( products and programs increase the safety, security, convenience and ease of patient care with technological advancements that include electronic patient record facilities, Web-based patient management programs, and cost-effective, phone-based data collection units.

MedStar™, one of Cybernet Medical’s premier health care products, is a Web-based outpatient care solution that collects physiological data from personal patient devices and sends the data to a Web-based electronic patient and data management system. Cybernet Medical launched the MedStar™ product in 2001, and it has been distributed nationwide since 2006. Thanks to MedStar™, physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals have immediate access to real-time outpatient information that ultimately can save lives while reducing care costs.

Body Scanning, Cybernet has deep experience in 3 dimensional scanning. This technology can be readily applied to body scanning for medical and other applications.