MedStar PC

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The MedStar System is a completely scalable, Web-based outpatient care solution unit that collects physiological data from patients' in-home devices and sends it to a Web-based electronic patient and management system, providing immediate access to health care professionals.

The MedStar PC is another arm of Cybernet Medical’s MedStar program, which provides a completely scalable, Web-based outpatient care solution. MedStar PC allows patients to collect physiological data on their personal computer, which then transmits the data via the Internet to a central data collection and storage server. From there, patients and health care providers can view the data through a secure, HIPAA-compliant Web portal. Data can be viewed in customizable and printable reports, and the system also provides users with the option to conference call through video or phone, which can capture sessions or wound care imagery. This feature also allows for online question and answer sessions that are available from a patient’s Web login page, as well as automated alerts.