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Large Caliber Ammunition Resupply (LCAR) stores and delivers ammunition in an automated matter to and from motorized artillery, mortar, and tank vehicles, speeding up battlefield reloads and removing this dangerous and labor intensive task from the mounted soldier.

Cybernet Systems Corporation, through the development of the Large Caliber Automated Resupply (LCAR), is bringing the U.S. Military one step closer to achieving the goal of improving the productivity and safety of operations in the battlefield through automation.

LCAR is designed around a standard ISO container form factor to leverage the mobility of the Heavy Equipment Material Truck Transport Load Handling System (HEMTT LHS), while also supporting most other multi-modal transportation options. LCAR encloses ordinance, storage and retrieval automation inside ISO containers compatible with the HEMTT LHS and the Palletized Load System (PLS) flat rack. The weight, size, and ruggedness of LCAR is within existing parameters for rail, ship, and truck transportation, as well as certain air drop payload systems.