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OpenSkies is a networking system interoperable with high level architecture that allows large numbers of clients to interact in real time within a common, open space.
OpenSkies is a networking system interoperable with High Level Architecture (HLA) that allows large numbers (100,000+) of clients to interact in real time within a common object space. OpenSkies provides a software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to create or retrofit applications. OpenSkies provides:
  • An environment that is inherently interoperable with Defense Department standards, and has virtually no limit to where you can play or how many players with whom you play;
  • A network performance good enough for the most demanding first-person shooter game or your most demanding command and control/situation understanding application;
  • A multi-player network setup and operating costs in half, with commercial off-the-shelf reliability; and
  • The OpenSkies Real-Time Intelligent Routing technology provides a low-cost, high-performance solution that is easy to implement into games and simulations, making them Defense Department HLA compliant.

Massive Multiplayer HLA Networking

  • Scalable, Distributed HLA Networking - scale to more than 100,000 clients.
  • IEEE 1516 Interoperable, Fault Tolerant and Self Healing System.
  • Linux, Unix and Windows HLA Gateway Support.

Flexible Simulation Engine

  • Virtual World SDK for building complex, interactive worlds and sims.
  • Vehicle and Physics SDK with Model Library for realistic simulations.
  • Scenario SDK for building complex training exercises.

Game and World Development Tools

  • DirectSound 9.0, DirectInput 9.0 and OpenGL support.
  • Instrument Panel SDK for rapidly creating detailed user interfaces.
  • Animation SDK for representing complex 3D animated characters.

Multi-Source Terrain Engine

  • Reads DTED elevation data, reads and rasterizes VPF data.
  • Micro-terrain capability for generating higher detail than in data files.
  • MIL 2525B Symbology API.

Agent-Based Computer AI

  • Handle hundreds of UAVs in a networked environment.
  • Intelligent Agents enhance team performance.
  • Computer Vision-Based Decision Systems.