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Cybernet’s scaleable solution allows users to implement desktop part-task trainers.

Rapidly Generated Instrument Panels for Simulation and Training
Reconfigurable Tactile Panel Technology (RTPT) was developed in response to the Navy's need for a small-footprint, multi-aircraft training solution where space is at a premium. The RTPT solution consists of a reconfigurable PC-based interface that provides the
training benefits of a full-scale physical cockpit including high fidelity visual and tactile interaction.

Unlike existing aircraft-specific simulators, which require extensive time to set up and tear down, this system is adaptable to a variety of trainers, saving both time and money. Cybernet is currently seeking funds and evaluating interest from the Navy Aviation Training community, as well as other Defense agencies that may benefit from the technology.

Cybernet’s RTPT system provides interactive instrument panels that are interchangable for various simulation needs (e.g. training, rehersal, human factor testing, design)

Flexible Usage Options for Tactile Training in Small to Large-Scale Configurations
Cybernet’s RTPT replicates the look and feel of aircraft instrument panels for training and simulation use, using our proprietary combination of rapidly-prototyped instrumentation and machine vision-based interface technology. This approach allows us to minimize cost, production/deployment time, and physical space requirements.

  • Aircraft-Independent Data Acquisition Platform:
    Cybernet’s RTPT decouples the data acquisition platform from the tactile and visual cockpit components, allowing a single platform to save space by hosting many simulation programs.
  • Modular Instrument Panels:
    Cybernet’s RTPT can be quickly made to order for any interface, allowing rapid deployment.
  • Machine Vision Data Collection:
    Cybernet’s RTPT provides the ability to rapidly swap out cockpit panels for various aircraft configurations, without wiring.
  • Projected Graphics:
    Cybernet’s RTPT provides low-cost, dynamic visuals, from simple gauges to interactive touch screens.


Cybernet’s 3D control panel simulation technology bridges the gap between virtual reality and full scale trainers.