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The mission of Cybernet Commercial is to make next generation technologies accessible and affordable to the individual consumer

Cybernet Commerical encompasses the range of products that have gone from our development programs into full commercialization.  Cybernet Commercial includes products such as the NetMAX Internet Appliance line, the OpenSkies Network, our GestureStorm Weather Map Management System and the gesture technologies of Gesture Central.


The mission of Cybernet Defense is to develop and advance technology to better protect our troops, our country and assist in the advancement of Freedom throughout the world

Cybernet Defense is the Research and Development powerhouse that drives all of Cybernet's products and programs.  Cybernet Defense focuses on pushing the limits of technology, thereby keeping our nation technologically strong.  Cybernet Defense includes all of our Cybernet Robotics products, and programs that have been completed and are now available for sale, such as our Parachute AOD.


Cybernet Medical brings electronic patient record facilities, web-based patient management, and cost effective phone-based data collection units together to manage home-bound and chronically ill patients.

Cybernet Medical and its MedStar™ device are the key components to a completely scalable, web-based outpatient care solution.  MedStar™ collects physiological data from patients' in-home devices (such as scales, respirometers, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure cuffs) and sends the data to a web-based electronic patient and data management system.

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