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Parachute Automatic Activation Device (AAD) for Low Altitude Jumps

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When a parachute malfunctions, it is critical that the jumper deploys the reserve parachute quickly to ensure that the reserve canopy has adequate time to inflate and slow his descent. Minimum container opening altitudes above the ground for recreational skydivers are at least 2000 feet AGL, which affords the jumper enough time to determine his canopy status and activate the reserve if necessary. Military combat and training jumps are often done from 500 feet AGL and there is very little time to determine whether a malfunction exists. Consequently, the use of an AAD is needed since the jumper's reaction time may be inadequate to ensure a safe landing. Cybernet proved the concept of a cost effective AAD suitable for low altitude jumps that utilizes accelerometers and pressure sensors to determine the jumper's rate of descent, altitude and acceleration. The success of this Phase I project led to a Phase II award, a Phase III Army funded effort, and a Phase II Plus award.


AOD design.


Completed for Army.

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