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An Articulated Joint for the High-Mobility, Articulated, All-Wheel Drive, Modular Vehicle (HAAMER)

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The HAAMER Joint allows precise autonomous docking.


This project focused on autonomous rendezvous and coupling of a vehicle platform to a specified location on a companion vehicle (for coupling, refueling, loading, etc.). Autonomous rendezvous and coupling allows a platform to self-align and couple to support systems such as power sources, fuel depots or loading docks independently. We used passive machine vision to identify the POSE (position and orientation) of an optical tag. Once the tag was localized in 3D space, software directs the robotic platform to move and then couple to the object autonomously. The final product showed that a robotic platform could rendezvous with a precision of approximately 1 inch. This technology supports a range of military and commercial applications where vehicles or platforms must accurately align to specified locations.


A Windows Media (WMV) format movie of the HAAMER Joint system in action is available online here (you may need to right click and "save as" to view this).


Completed for Army TACOM.

An example of two robotic platforms coupling together using camera-based alignment.

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