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An Instant Communications Network for Dismounted Applications

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The Instant Communications Network allows units to operate as a highly effective, coordinated team


This project developed a mesh routing overlay for 802.11 based on cross-layer optimization of Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV), RFC 3561. Cross-layer optimization was required to make the protocol operate smoothly and correctly when node free move and are placed both close together and spaced far apart. The modified protocol is backward compatible with AODV as defined in the RFC and is supported on Linux and Windows platforms, as well as in the small Instant Mesh Radio" (IMR) modules built specifically for this project. The IMR hardware is a fully self contained radio router implementing ad hoc routing, routing of unmodified 802.11 clients (with fixed or dynamic IP address assignment), supporting AES encryption, and operating on battery power for over 72 hours in a 3 x 3 x 3 inch squared seal enclosure. The unit is designed to meet all applicable MIL operating requirements.


IMR Software and Hardware Designs (Proven Mesh Routing Algorithms).


Completed for U.S. Army (CECOM), further development active.

Working Instant Communications Network prototype

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