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Parachute Automatic Activation Device (AAD) for Low Altitude Jumps

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Cybernet's device has a user interface for presentation of measurement information to the test engineer or test jumper


This contract developed a self-contained trajectory measurement system suitable for use in airdrop applications and automatic deployment of reserve parachutes in unsafe condition during static line-based jumps. This includes the design and development of a system that is small, rugged, easily operated in the field and impact survivable, while retaining a high degree of accuracy and precision of measurements that an instrumentation package require. In addition to having a system that can measure the accelerations, and rotations of a payload, and receive NAVSTAR Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) signals, there will be a software component of the system that takes the data and reconstructs the complete trajectory of the payload. The trajectory can be reconstructed by utilizing Kalman filters and sensor fusion algorithms, provided that there has been sufficient observability of the payloads behavior.


Trajectory Reconstruction Systems Design.


Completed for Army.

Cybernet's device will accurately determine the complete trajectory of a parachute system and measure other ancillary parameters

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