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Automated Tactical Ammunition Classification System

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Cybernet used the core technology developed for automatically determine the type of ammunition being loading into the magazine of an automated fire weapon system, and modified it to support sorting and inspection of all calibers of small arms ammunition. The new application includes an automated feeder and singulator for bulk ammunition sized from 9mm to 50 cal, an automatic identification/inspection vision system, and an automated ammunition sorter. Ammunition is sorted based on color, shape profile (caliber), and defect type into one of eight (8) categories at approximately 3 rounds per second. The entire system is disassembled into 5 crates for shipment/deployment to logistical centers, and requires an 8' x 8' footprint on the floor. The unit accepts turn-in ammunition for reuse inspection and therefore has high tolerance to dirt and debris typical of the operational environment. This system is designed for operation at up to 140 deg F temperatures and is currently operating in Kuwait supporting Iraqi operations.


Automated Tactical Ammunition Classification System (ATACS).


Completed for U.S. Defense Ammunition Center.

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