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Robust CCSDS Image Data to JPEG2K Transcoding

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CSDS is a space standards agency, and has created a lossy image format for high bit depth space imagery. However, for use in common image applications, this format is not supported. Cybernet is creating a toolkit that converts their proprietary, wavelet-based format to a more common format, JPEG2000 (JP2). We chose JP2 since it is also wavelet-based, and allows a high quality conversion from their images to a compressed form useable by industry. The benefits of this are that we don't lose image quality since we do a direct wavelet to wavelet transformation instead of decompressing/recompressing (lossy), it takes up less space than other formats, and it is a fast conversion since we don't have to decode/encode the wavelets.


Image Compression Toolkit.


Completed for NASA.

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