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Closed Loop Fire Control

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Cybernet is studying the possibility of leveraging Laser Detection and Ranging (LADAR) systems to create a closed-loop-fire-control system for small caliber weapons. LADARs leverage the reflection of emitted laser light to to track the distance to objects in the environment. For moving objects, such as bullets, the high update rate of many LADARs (in particular flash LADARs) allows for an accurate calculation of the velocity of the object from a series of position updates, while providing a 3D picture of the environment. To execute this program, we will be leveraging our previous work in the areas of LADAR systems, electronic sensor development, sensor data processing, and visualization displays. It is envisioned that the control system to be studied will eventually be used to improve soldiers aim to help improve the likelihood that the soldier hits his target. This will simultaneously improve the soldier's lethality and survivability.


Closed Loop Fire Control Technology.



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