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Automated NDE Flaw Mapping System

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For this program, Cybernet is developing the Automated Registration of Inspection Data (ARID) system, a vision-based system that speeds up the overall inspection and registration process for inspecting large structures (such as those found on aircraft).  The ARID system is initially being developed in support of the Aging Aircraft Program (AAP), but it also will support inspection of other large structures such as spacecraft, boats/ships, and ground vehicles.

The Phase II effort leverages machine vision technology to help automate portions of the inspection process to greatly reduce the time and cost associated with the inspection task.  ARID uses machine vision to localize sensor scan data gathered during inspection.  This enables inspection experts to view and manipulate the data in the context of a 3D CAD model of the inspected object.  Experts can then integrate inspection data into the CAD models, allowing finite element analysis tools to help predict flaw and material behavior.


Non-destructive Evaluation Tools.



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