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Medical Capability Simulator Interface Tool for OneSAF

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OneSAF is rapidly becoming a centerpiece for many training simulations in the Army, amongst other reasons, for its ability to interoperate with many different protocols and packages.  It only makes sense, given this central position, to examine the possibility of connecting the myriad of medical training systems to OneSAF, to see what emerges.  To realize this possibility, a standard means of connecting medical training systems into OneSAF is needed.  Additionally, a suite of tools should be created that allows for the rapid development of the interconnections for specific medical training systems.  The goal of this Phase II SBIR is to design an effective gateway to interface existing medical simulation training systems, both software and hardware, into tactical simulators such as OneSAF.  We call this gateway the MedOne Interconnect.


MedOne Interconnect Gateway.



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