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Mobile Surveillance Platform

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Cybernet has developed and deployed a new optimized Mobile Surveillance Platform that captures four-channel, high-definition video, audio, and position information (AGPS/GPS) from moving and stationary locations, highly compresses the video in x264 format, and securely transmits that information over low-bandwidth, high-jitter networks such as the cellular network to a command center. The video and audio streams are compatible with commercial video servers for further distribution to monitoring centers. The system is also capable of locally storing over several week.s worth of the high-definition video, audio, and position information. The system consists of a ruggedized vehicle-mounted encoder and backend server that functions to coordinate and configure all of the fielded encoders. All aspects of the system are entirely open and documented for customers.


State of the art Video, Audio, and Geoposition information streaming from mobile vehicle encoder design



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