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Unit to Unit Autonomous Resupply Vehicle (USUARV)

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This effort applied Cybernet Automated Forklift Technology robotic kit to two small all terrain delivery vehicles to provide the means for the Army to transport pallet sized loads automatically from a Forward Operating Base (FOB) to remote Patrol Bases (PB). The driverless vehicle automation kit, based on Cybernet successful Urban Challenge technology ( navigates over terrain and road ways following common (California and Michigan-based) road rules, including intelligent intersection and passing behavior, obstacle detection and avoidance (people, vehicles, or other potentially path blocking objects), lane keeping, and correct route planning (or replanning if the route planned is blocked). This resulting vehicle kit is modular and has been applied to forklifts, small Ackerman and skid steer vehicles, consumer vehicles, and large logistical equipment. This effort is a response to the Army's Challenge: 4b: Sustainability/Logistics to reduce rear echelon manpower required to sustain the fighting force.


The effort has lead to several important driverless vehicle developments to support automated driving in bad weather and snow, and automated warehouse management with driverless material handling and transporting systems.


Completed Phase I, further work is active.

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