Team Cybernet

Team Cybernet, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, is committed to delivering tomorrow's robotic military solutions today. We successfully converted an 11-year old minivan into a sophisticated autonomous "bot" that completed key qualifying tests and drove continuous error-free paths and dynamically replanned paths of up to 10 km at DARPA's 2007 Urban Challenge.

Team Cybernet's solution can easily be retrofitted to the similarly-aged fleet of military vehicles in the field today -- avoiding acquisition costs for a complete vehicle fleet replacement. Comprised almost entirely of professionals from Cybernet Systems Corporation, a woman-owned American research and development company, the self-funded Team Cybernet added $45,000 of mostly commercial off-the-shelf materials and countless hours of intellectual capital to develop the "Cybervan." The resulting system includes a world-class GPS-denied dead reckoning system costing under $10,000, a behavior and route planning system that drives with robot or human controlled traffic, and an obstacle detection/avoidance paradigm that avoids many problems with multiple sensor integration. All the Cybervan systems include an embedded simulation system that has been extensively validated against the many and increasingly sophisticated behaviors demanded at the 2007 Urban Challenge.

The two summary videos below show actual van test segments and overhead depictions, based on actual van recorded telemetry:

Test Video: (21 megs WMV).
Telemetry Video (20 megs, WMV).